4 Reasons to Wear Compression Stockings After Surgery

4 Reasons to Wear Compression Stockings After Surgery

There are many benefits of using compression socks before and after surgery. Compression stockings are suggested as an alternate post-surgery therapy since there is a greater risk of DVT following treatments involving the legs, hips, or knees. Using compression socks is helpful to enhance blood circulation in the portion and help to early recovery. 

So this blog will discuss the 4 important reasons to wear compression socks after surgery. We are aware that people nowadays frequently experience issues with their legs. If you have recently undergone surgery, you should use compression socks for your early recovery and want to know more about the importance of compression socks. This blog will be helpful for you.

After surgery, who needs compression socks?

If you have lower leg surgery, your doctor could advise wearing compression stockings. It helps to reduce swelling in the leg and improves blood circulation. You can only use these socks after the recommendation of your doctor. After surgery, you cannot do your activity because it can negatively affect your health.

Following surgery, your risk of developing DVT is evaluated, and compression stockings may be necessary if it is high. They can be required of you even after you leave the hospital on the same day as the procedure.

4 reasons to wear compression socks after surgery

Before we continue, it's essential to remember that, despite their many advantages, compression stockings should only be used following surgery if your doctor advises you to.

There are a few reasons to wear compression socks after surgery which help reduce the leg's pain. Those benefits are discussed below.

1. Promotes circulation

After surgery, it's always advised to avoid physically demanding activities and to spend more time in bed. Using the proper compression socks is beneficial to improve the movements of the leg.

Graduated compression stockings improve blood flow by gently compressing your legs as they taper higher. Compression stockings are an excellent option for post-operative patients who must stay in bed since their pressure promotes venous circulation. Proper circulation of blood can help to reduce blood clots.

2. Reduce the swelling

After surgery, swelling is commonly seen in the leg and forms difficulty while walking. Swelling in the leg can affect the recovery process and create complicated things. After surgery, wearing compression stockings reduces swelling because the tightly woven fabric prevents your skin from expanding, causing the fluid to diffuse rather than pooling in one area and creating swelling.

Patients should use it after the recommendation of doctors. Some doctors suggest using these socks after waking up in the morning, and some of them are recommended to use them at night. So, to get better results, you must use compression stockings after surgery. 

3. Minimize the symptoms of DVT

A dangerous disorder known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) results when a blood clot forms deep within the vein. A pulmonary embolism, which can result in severe lung issues, can happen if a blood clot separates and moves. DVT forms pain in the leg and red patches on the skin. After surgery, there is a chance to increase DVT, which develops health risks.

4. Promote the safer recovery

Your recovery is more secure overall as a result of all these aspects. Gradually increasing compression improves circulation and reduces swelling, which lessens the risk of DVT and spider/varicose veins and hastens the healing process. Compression socks are also helpful to improve the muscle growth of the leg and help the person to do their daily activities. 


This blog concludes with the 4 reasons to wear compression socks after surgery and their importance in supporting better health practices. Using compression socks after surgery is beneficial to avoid the risk of blood clots and remove swelling from the leg.

So if you are undergoing surgery, you must use compression socks and let us know by a comment which type of benefits you have.

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