Compression Socks Can Be A Lifesaver For First Time Moms

Compression Socks Can Be A Lifesaver For First Time Moms

BEING PREGNANT FOR the first time can be an extremely daunting and exciting time. Your body will be going through so many changes and you may be feeling anxious while you prepare for this new addition to your family. This may also be the time that you are driving yourself crazy reading every tip and article about pregnancy online. Welcome to another article about prepping for pregnancy (except this time, we won't cause you more anxiety).

While you're preparing for the arrival of your new baby, one tool to stock up on is graduated compression socks! Graduated compression socks apply small amounts of pressure to your ankle and lower leg to prevent edema, which is the swelling from fluid retention that happens in pregnancy. This swelling is relatively common in pregnant women and can be the cause of much misery. These socks also improve blood circulation and prevent leg cramps which are also common in pregnancies. Lasso compression socks are the only graduated compression socks with built-in ankle support that gives you additional stability that you'll need during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.



Some of the other benefits of compression socks include prevention of blood clots in the legs and avoidance of elevated heart rate in yourself and your unborn baby. Additionally, poor blood circulation during pregnancy causes fatigue that women experience during the second and third trimesters. Graduated compression socks give you more energy by improving circulation. Some women also suffer from varicose veins during pregnancy and compression socks provide protection against them as well.

Best part is they're easy to slip on over your legs even with a large baby bump in the way. You can wear them all day with no restrictions if you'd like, and they're totally safe for you and your unborn baby. Learn more about these FDA approved socks at

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