Lifting Weights in Socks - Why You Should Consider This

Lifting Weights in Socks - Why You Should Consider This

IF YOU'VE EVER been in a high end training facility, or looked on social media at your favorite athletes, you've seen people training, running, or lifting in just socks. You might be surprised to learn that training in socks can have some serious benefits.



Increased Foot Strength

Your foot actually has 20 muscles that support standing, walking, and other movements. These muscles are less activated when you are wearing shoes because the shoes do a lot of supporting and the structure is designed to mimic having this foot strength already.

That means you are losing out on a lot of foot strengthening by training with shoes. It's really important to consider the muscles in your feet as you build toward athletic performance, and to find moments during your training to focus on foot strength.


Increased Balance

Studies show that barefoot training can improve balance. This is especially important if you have balance issues, or for children with developing bodies. In fact, children who perform daily activities barefoot tend to have better balance than those who wear shoes often.


Stronger Movement

Lifting barefoot can ground the body better and give you more control over balance and strength. That means you can lift more weight and improve performance through this rooting through your feet. After all, the feet are the foundation of movement and the start of any motion, so it makes sense to strengthen them.



It's very important to consider foot safety when training barefoot. This means don't drop weights, be careful of objects and surfaces you are moving on to avoid slipping or hurting your foot.

Additionally, it's very important to focus on joint health around the foot and ankle. Wearing a sock like Lasso that offers joint support can be very helpful in stabilizing the ankle without overly correcting motion. This gives you all of the benefits of training barefoot, but gives you enough support to feel confidence in your step.

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