Physician Spotlight: Dr. Shawn Dill

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Shawn Dill

DR. SHAWN DILL IS a true Lasso believer. He’s one of the many people who have discovered Lasso performance socks and never looked back. Whether he’s wearing them for fitness or leisure, comfort or dress—he utilizes Lasso’s patented compression benefits in all aspects of his life. 

For eight years Dr. Dill practiced in Costa Rica, where along with establishing what many consider to be the largest upper cervical practice in the world, he also authored the law that regulates the practice of chiropractic in the country. Since returning to the United States, Dr. Dill has become a noted authority in his respective trade and is currently the CEO of The Specific Chiropractic Centers—a franchise, which now operates multiple Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific clinics across the United States.

In essence, Dr. Dill is the real deal. 



Dr. Dill's introduction to Lasso happened similar to other occurrences—word of mouth through a mutual friend. “I heard about Lasso originally through a mutual friend who introduced me to Partha [Unnava], the CEO of Lasso. I jumped on a call and in just minutes knew that this was a company that I wanted to be affiliated with,” says Dr. Dill. “And to be a part of the vision felt amazing.” Fast forward a bit, and the vision soon became a reality when Dr. Dill finally got to put Lasso performance socks to the test. “I got my hands on a pair of socks and the technology, the product itself, blew me away. Then I got my colleagues turned onto them and they just continued to rave about Lasso,” he tells us. “Look, Lasso performance socks make me look really, really good,” chuckles Dr. Dill. “Because I'm able to recommend the socks to my colleagues and they're able to recommend the socks to their patients and everybody wins. One of the reasons why I'm so attracted to Lasso as a product is because it's, in essence, a wearable technology.”

Now, when we talk about wearable technology, we aren’t talking about computers or smartphones—it’s our patented compression technology that ultimately sets Lasso performance socks apart from every single other sock on the market. Dr. Dill emphasizes on this, adding, “What Lasso does is bridge the gap between just a sock and a medical supported sock that is assisting you in your lifestyle. They also are helping you in case you have injuries or other conditions that you might be cautious of.” There are a million ways to utilize Lasso’s compression benefits and even more reasons why. For anyone constantly on the go, Lasso performance socks are for you. For aspiring athletes or those working to better themselves—Lasso performance socks are for you. Anyone who spends time moving on their feet and dreams of more support, comfort and confidence—Lasso is for you. We make every step better for all walks of life. 



These days, Dr. Dill is no longer in the practice himself, but now manages a franchise of chiropractic offices across the United States. Still, outside of his practice, Shawn believes that Lasso socks are an incredible tool for anyone dealing with any sort of circulatory and or stability issue. He emphasizes on this, adding, "While they may not be a fix-all, Lasso performance socks are a phenomenal starting point. And I got to tell you, I've never heard anybody tell me that there were situations where the notion was contradicted," he says. "They're a great addition to anything that you might be doing."

One of the biggest benefits of Lasso performance socks, behind our patented compression tech, is the simple versatility of the sock. It's an everyday item that can both make you look good and feel good. “What I also love about Lasso socks is their versatility,” says Dill, adding to this. “You can wear them as a dress sock, you can wear them for athletic events. I like wearing them just on a day-to-day basis. They have the technology already built in and that helps me move better.” And we all know when you move better, you feel better. That's our goal at the end of the day—to get you moving the best you ever have, every single day. 


“The very fact that Lasso has been able to put this kind of technology into a wearable sock that looks fashionable is a feat in and of itself! I love the support these socks bring me.”


On this subject, Dr. Dill makes a great point. "Oftentimes traditional compression socks look like, frankly, compression socks," he tells us. "They make it look like something is wrong with you. So the very fact that Lasso has been able to put their technology into a wearable sock that looks fashionable is a feat in and of itself! I love the support these socks bring me." 

As mentioned, Dr. Dill has found many ways to utilize the benefits of Lasso socks in his every day life. “I just really love the compression component of them personally, because it just feels like—as my friend Shane Smith says—tiny little foot hugs all day long!” says Dill with a smile tacked on. And he is correct! Lasso performance socks aren’t just for recovery needs. They're designed to wear every day, whether it’s your busiest day of the week or a relaxing day off. The benefits are always available and always offer an opportunity to move confidently from the ground up. “Listen,” says Dill. “Lasso athletic socks provide massive non-recovery benefits, not only to active people, but also to inactive people.” Adding to this, he tells us"I also love the mere fact that they have all of this support built in that goes beyond the compression. So you have the compression, but you also have the added support and whether you're active or not, I feel that Lasso socks are vital components that go well beyond just recovery. This is not a recovery piece of apparel—Lasso socks are something that you should actually be utilizing and wearing on a daily basis."



In his personal life, Dr. Dill is a big golf fan and has found the stability he needs in Lasso athletic socks when teeing up and playing a round. “It is something that I actually can notice a difference in between wearing my Lasso socks and wearing any other type of sock in terms of stability,” explains Dr. Dill. “And a lot of people might say, ‘Well, what do you mean you’re wearing the socks for golf?’ But there is an awful lot of movement that occurs in the ankle joints during the golf swing, plus, not to mention the amount of walking that you do, especially if you're a walker. The socks are absolutely vital for me in that regard. And like I said earlier, I wear the socks on a daily basis because look, even just being an entrepreneur and working in my business, I feel that it's important because they give me that stability and the compression I need. As one gets older, there are days that you begin to deal with a swollen ankle or swollen feet. Lasso performance socks help to combat that.”

Closing out, Dr. Shawn Dill drops some great knowledge, "You cannot give what you do not have. So it's absolutely critical that we are all successful in our endeavors so that we can share our gifts with more people. And that's what I love about Lasso." Speaking in both his own entrepreneurial and personal pursuits, which happen to align right with Lasso's ethos, he adds, "We need strong business models if we're going to get Lasso into the hands of every man, woman, and child on the planet, and I love the vision that Lasso holds. I am very excited to be supportive of them and their vision and mission," says Dr. Dill. "And I look forward to many, many big things to come."


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