Staying Both Mentally and Physically Active During a Lock Down

Staying Both Mentally and Physically Active During a Lock Down

WE KNOW A LOT of us have experienced the challenge of finding ways to exercise during this current lock down. I know I have. Gyms are closed or are highly restricted and some people are afraid of near person interaction, so the challenge has become how creative can you be in your physical exercise routine. 

In a recent article on, Anne Artley discusses the needs to stay active and the pitfalls if you do not. Because of the current situation, most find it hard to keep up a consistent exercise routine. Not only are they missing the exercise element but the lack of camaraderie can also be hard on people too. All of this adds to the existing stress and personal frustration of the lockdown, and any other adverse situations caused by the covid crisis. Now, more than ever, getting exercise is important. It can have a huge impact on any anxiety you’re feeling due to the lockdown and help ease stress and depression.



High stress and not being active will only lower your body's ability to fight off a virus or sickness. Your best line of defense is to get out and be active and social however you can. Be creative and make chores a workout. It can actually make them fun. Try to get outside as much as possible. Go for walks, hikes, or runs. Make sure you stay social. Even if it is only with the ones you are quarantined with. Interaction helps your state of mind. Look online for workout influencers and see what they are doing. Utilize items you have around the house to create exercise activities. Even make them a game. Most of all, make it consistent. All of these will really help both your physical and mental well being. 

When jumping back into exercising after some down time or jumping in for the first time, its important to take care of your body. With most exercise related injuries happening in the feet and ankles, it is very important to protect both. Stressed, unfit, and injured will only make things worse. Lasso Athletic Compression Socks 2.0 are designed to help improve performance, prevention, and recovery to help the modern athlete stay moving on any adventure they seek. These socks provide both gradient compression, that helps with circulation, and foot and ankle support and stability, which reinforces key ligaments and improves proprioception. They are a must have for home workouts, walks, hikes and will help the body accommodate to the lifestyle change of working from home.

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