CEO Spotlight: Jon Spillman

CEO Spotlight: Jon Spillman

JON SPILLMAN HAS cracked a unique code. His approach to fitness and training is as refreshing as it is effective; a true breath of fresh air. We all know there are plenty of ways to pursue a healthy lifestyle. There are even more ways to Stay Moving. And Jon has carved a route of his own with ChopFit—an innovative, fun, effective way to workout just about anywhere, with a mission to improve functional strength, endurance and power. We’re humbled that the details designed in Lasso performance socks compliment the movement involved in ChopFit workouts. When we move with strength, we move with meaning. 



ChopFit was born at the intersection of Jon’s professional pursuits and his personal passion for fitness. He tells us, “As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and former Division I scholarship collegiate athlete, it had been a goal of mine to start a company with a mission to promote healthy living. The foundation of the ChopFit brand and products came about after stumbling upon some footage of Floyd Mayweather performing woodchopping workouts prior to his boxing matches years ago.” This footage of Mayweather sparked an idea in Jon, one fueled by the desire of taking those types of movements to a safe and effective workout in any environment. Safe to say, he has since succeeded. 

Jon is a naturally motivated person and leads by example when living his own life. He’s not just promoting wellness and movement, he’s in the trenches living it. “Leading a long and healthy life is at the forefront of my mission to stay active and moving,” he explains. “As the CEO and face of a fitness brand, I believe you have to represent what you are trying to encourage. So making sure I can fulfill those obligations keeps me motivated at work.”



As far as his strengths as a leader and a person, Spilman humbly declares, “I'm incredibly nice, conscientious and level headed... probably to a fault.” Three necessary traits for any great leader, faulty or not. He tacks on, “I believe those all help with the deep relationships I build both personally and professionally, as well as in establishing a path for us to deliver a level of incredible customer service to all of our stakeholders.”

ChopFit has been a new challenge for Jon professionally, but his resilience has played a major factor in his success. He’s happily along for the ride and joyously shares his journey with the world. “As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and former Division I scholarship collegiate athlete (shot putter on the track and field team at Georgia Tech), athletics and fitness are a deep part of my background,” explains Spilman. “That foundation has been super helpful in having the know-how and credibility to get a company like ChopFit off the ground.” With that said, Jon is still humbled to be the first to admit he doesn’t know everything. Expanding on this notion, he tells us, “Manufacturing, managing inventory and many of the intricacies of running an e-commerce business have been new challenges for me. In the young life of our company I've been fortunate to be able to lean on the expertise of others to get us to where we're at today.” 



Anyone involved in fitness and athletics will tell you equipment and apparel are mandatory tools for success. They’re often the keys that open the doors you never imagined opening. “Quality and durability are the two most important factors in any athletic/fitness equipment purchase for me,” Spillman remarks, making Lasso performance socks the perfect companion for his workout regiment. “It's easy to see when a company tries to cut corners in creating a quality product, and I believe those details are what separates great products from those that won't make it in the long run,” he adds. “I also like to purchase fewer things these days, which means that what I do buy needs to last a long time. So having durability to withstand a lot of use and have a long shelf life is super important.”

Thankfully, Jon has found the quality and durability he demands in Lasso compression socks. Since first wear, he has been a genuine believer. “Whether I'm out for a run or pushing through some intense interval training, Lasso gives me more power and confidence in every step I take,” Jon exclaims. “Regardless of the direction I'm moving, I know I'm fully supported when wearing my Lasso performance socks.”


“Regardless of the direction I'm moving, I know I'm fully supported when wearing my Lasso performance socks.”


When the dust settles, ChopFit is a fitness brand that makes unique, fun, and effective workout equipment. The kind of stuff that makes you stop and think, That seriously looks like fun. Jon elaborates, “Our products are designed to improve functional strength, endurance and power. In addition to our physical tools, we also provide an accompanying ChopFit app (iOS and Android) that offers 40+ pre-built workout circuits, multi-day challenges and more.” The ChopFit app was a necessary addition to ChopFit’s anatomy and accommodates the community Jon has built with a personalized touch. And really, it’s just another way for Jon and ChopFit to keep us inspired and moving. “We strive to be the inspiration and motivation for fitness journeys, whether it's to get you started or propel you along the way,” says Jon. “At the end of the day, our mission is to provide fitness products and programs that promote healthy living.”


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