Compression Socks 101: Your Guide to Graduated Compression Socks

Compression Socks 101: Your Guide to Graduated Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for your ankles and legs in so many ways. They can keep your legs and heart-healthy during the workday, while recovering from surgery, while traveling, and while playing sports or training. They’re also useful for treating pregnancy swelling

Using the science of compression therapy, compression socks can do all this by activating the muscles in your lower legs. Which keeps your veins pumping blood through the area to stop fluids from building up. The pressure also holds your leg, ankle, and foot muscles in place to lower your risk of twisting, spraining, and pulling those muscles. All in all, compression socks are great for extended physical activity as well as extended rest periods. They keep up your vascular and muscular health so you can just focus on your day.

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Compression therapy is incredibly effective for athletes as well as overall health. Medial compression socks help your blood circulate and oxygenate. This keeps your heart healthy and your muscles functioning at their best especially when you’re moving around too much and not enough. Athletes are highly vulnerable to lower leg and ankle injuries that can ruin seasons and even careers. 

Wearing compression socks lowers the risk of blood clotting and swelling from constant travel as well as overworked muscles. Which is also a great way to treat conditions that cause swelling and poor circulation. Compression socks support athletes and aid in the treatment of a multitude of illnesses.

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Top 3 Benefits of Wearing Compression socks

  1. Heart Health

    Sitting still, locking your knees while standing, and so many other things we do every day can block your circulation and hurt your heart. Poor circulation makes your heart pump harder to reach the same levels throughout your body. It also leaves you vulnerable to dangerous blood pooling and clotting that can do serious and lasting damage to your heart, limbs, and other major organs.

  2. Avoiding Injury

    Ankle sprains and tears are some of the most common sports injuries. Wearing compression socks and stretching both before and after games can make a huge difference. Compression socks activate the foot, ankle, and leg muscles to keep them warm and reduce your risk of stepping wrong and hurting your ankle. This is because compression can align your muscles and keep them moving the way they should be, no matter your daily needs.

  3. Muscle Health

    When resting, sitting still, and exercising your muscles are in danger of clots, tears, pulls, and sprains. That’s why it’s so important to understand the needs of your muscles and what they need to stay safe. Compression socks can help your muscles in three key ways: 
    1. They keep your blood circulating to prevent clots and fluid buildup which happens a lot when your body is still for prolonged periods.
    2. They hold your muscles in place, this is especially useful for intense exercise and sports as it makes sure your muscles are staying in alignment as you move.
    3. They brace and support your legs and ankles. Mild pressure can lessen and prevent the damage done by hard falls and twists to your ankles.

Why Lasso Compression Socks

Lasso’s compression socks are designed for the ultimate support and comfort. We start with our trademarked StrikePadding™ technology to protect the sole of your foot from all angles. Then our built-in SmartSupport™ ankle support, moisture-wicking technology, and advanced arch support are expertly layered on top to create the perfect level of support. Continuing this attention to detail and use, Lasso socks are crafted to mimic Kinesio ankle taping while avoiding the muscle damage tapping can do. With impeccable TrueCompression™ technology rated at 15-25mmHg so you can wear them comfortably all day.

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