Athlete Spotlight: Jose Chatham

Athlete Spotlight: Jose Chatham

THERE'S NO DENYING that Jose Chatham unarguably embodies the Stay Moving lifestyle. Motion is etched in his DNA and he spreads positivity through movement on a daily basis. As a career, Jose is a performance trainer who coaches young athletes to be the best players they can be. When he’s not working, he’s living an active lifestyle himself, and utilizes the benefits of Lasso compression socks in all aspects of his life. He’s a true believer in Lasso’s graduated compression technology and is proud to Lasso Up every day. 



Chatham’s nine-to-five doesn’t consist of a desk and suit. There are no office walls surrounding him and no spreadsheets to fill out. His job involves movement, which makes Lasso compression socks a perfect companion to his work day. ""I train wide receivers and I’ve been blessed to be coached by some ex-NFL players,"" Jose tells us. “I had an amazing conversation with Tom Brady's QB guru coach, Tom House that changed my life. So, with all of that knowledge, I'm using it for good and training younger athletes the right way.” He adds, “I'm huge on getting one-percent better every time I train someone.” And this attitude has proven to breed success. 


"As far as recovery, I take care of my body, so I'm on top of everything. If anything Lasso socks add to my game.”


Athletes and active men and women who wear Lasso compression socks often feel the benefits first wear. Jose was no different. These are no ankle braces from Amazon—Lasso performance socks simply provide support where other socks can’t, compression where others won't, and promote non-stop activity and recovery alike. He uses them while training clients and during his own personal workout regiment and since his first pair, Lasso athletic socks have become a mandatory ingredient to his daily routine. “To be honest I love how they look and feel, and as an athlete you kind of just try things. If something peels off or pinches or rips—you toss them and never use that item again,” he explains. “So, with Lasso I've had zero issues and I really like them. I am honestly more of an ankle sock guy, but these socks have grown on me big time. As far as recovery, I take care of my body, so I'm on top of everything. If anything the socks add to my game.” 

You could describe Jose’s athletic journey as a scenic route with a few roadblocks. Any challenges he's faced, he’s moved past, and he’s still charging along. His personal drive has led the way. But nothing has ever stopped him from giving one-hundred percent to everything he does—a true testament to his mental and physical success. “I played college ball,” he tells us. “I was always the hardest working person in the room, but was never given a fair opportunity. The challenge was to show up and give one-hundred percent everyday knowing the coaches weren't on my side.” This mild adversity only pushed Jose harder. While some athletes would take it personal and dwell, Jose showed up every day oozing with even more motivation than the day before. At the end of the day, you only get what you put in. He adds, “The fact that you guys [Lasso] have been so open-armed with me speaks volumes to me and shows what you guys are about. On top of that you have an amazing product that normal-athletic people can benefit from every day.”  




Jose’s strengths are vast, both physically and mentally, which is direly important for anyone in a similar position or career. When you’re training the best to get better, you need to bring your A-Game every day. It’s so necessary that you possess your own strength as an athlete and as a person, and Jose embodies this strength. “I’m a quick learner and I’m adaptable,” he tells us. Tacking on, “And I’m not afraid to fail. I want to live an extraordinary life. I focus on getting one-percent better. But if I'm going to do something, I do it one-hundred percent.” 


“The fact that Lasso has been so open armed with me speaks volumes to me and shows what you guys are about. On top of that you have an amazing product that normal-athletic people can benefit from every day.” 



As far as the athletic equipment and apparel Jose uses, his demands are simple. “Quality, comfort, functionality and style,” he tells us. “Those all apply to Lasso socks.” And if life boils down to movement, Jose is truly living it. There are plenty of reasons to move every day, and with Lasso performance socks on his feet, Jose has a few reasons of his own. ""I'm highly active in my coaching. Training these kids and demonstrating everything I teach is why I stay moving,"" he says. ""And to look good!"" 


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