Lasso Athlete Spotlight: Brad Becca

Lasso Athlete Spotlight: Brad Becca

THE LIST OF things that draw people to performance training and the aspiration of a healthier lifestyle is often a loaded one. The why’s are plentiful but the how’s can be daunting. Usually, someone is simply trying to better themselves and they end up bettering others along the way. It’s a perfect storm.

Brad Becca’s story is similar.



Brad isn’t just a fitness trainer, he’s a life-changer and he does his work with a passion. But on paper he is a certified trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) specializing in performance by helping his clients become the most athletic and functional version of themselves. 

He’s a believer in Lasso’s Stay Moving mantra and lives the Lasso lifestyle. When Brad moves, we move. And his passion for movement excites us. “I’m passionate about what I do because I help others feel good, look good, and perform better!” says Brad. “I’m a certified trainer that helps individuals become the most athletic and functional version of themselves.” But Brad’s desire to benefit others doesn’t stop there. He adds, “I’m also a spa partner at an alternative health and wellness spa called ThrIVe that offers cryotherapy, red light therapy, flotation therapy, and other modalities that assist individuals with their health and recovery.”


"The goal of reaching my full potential in all aspects of my life (career, fitness, family, health) drives and motivates me to Stay Moving."


In Brad’s line of work, support is necessary, and the benefits of Lasso socks graduated compression technology have played a big role in Brad’s training and recovery regiment. These aren’t your grandparent’s compression socks, these are true performance socks for both men and women. The unique compression technology in Lasso socks 2.0 have positively affected all aspects of Brad’s life, whether he’s training, recovering or merely chilling on the couch. Lasso socks have played a huge part in exceeding his everyday performance and overall goals. “I wear Lasso performance socks when I train, while I’m at work, and when I’m simply hanging out around the house,” he explains. “They’ve become my favorite compression socks! The material is durable, the fit and compression is perfect, and the support it provides for my foot and ankle is amazing.” Movement breeds success, just ask Brad.

Brad’s path to success didn’t come without a few pesky roadblocks, but when the dust settled, he was naturally destined to succeed. As a kid, Brad was involved in numerous sports and tells us he was always active, but as he grew older, had to switch gears to really reach his goals. “At twenty-years-old my health had dramatically declined due to the typical college lifestyle and my activity level and mental health suffered,” says Brad. “At that point I was prompted to take action and regain my life back. I began my health and fitness journey then and never looked back. The goal of reaching my full potential in all aspects of my life (career, fitness, family, health) drives and motivates me to stay moving.” So whether Brad and his clients are suffering from common issues like plantar fasciitis, or achilles tendinitis, or simply feeling the best they’ve ever felt, Lasso compression socks can help with everything from ankle support, knee swelling and so much more. 

If strength comes from within, Brad is burning inside. Standing at 5’8 and weighing 145 lbs, he’s naturally a small individual, but he’s proof you should never judge a book by its cover. Even the smallest spark can ignite a huge flame. “My stature is an advantage because it allows me to be super agile, explosive and speedy, which are most definitely my strengths as an athlete,” he mentions. “I’m also a hard working, passionate, dedicated, loving, caring person as well.” 


"If strength comes from within, Brad is burning inside."



The physical act of training is just one of Brad’s tools for success. The equipment he uses and apparel he wears are arguably just as important. The sea of athletic apparel and performance socks is vast, but not all compression socks are created equal. To be blunt, Brad demands durability, comfort, style, and performance—four traits that Lasso socks have humbly boasted since our inception. “Lasso compression socks meet all of that criteria and more. Your socks are the best in the game!"" Brad tells us. ""I demand durability, comfort, style, and performance with all of my athletic equipment."" And for Brad, Lasso compression socks 2.0 check the above boxes.  

At the end of the day, Brad just wants to promote wellness. He strives to Stay Moving. Plain and simple. And we’re glad Lasso compression socks have assisted Brad on his journey. “The desire to become the greatest version of myself is what keeps me moving,” exclaims Brad. “My family and providing for them is also a huge motivator for me.”


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