Oliver Trevena Talks Dogpound x Lasso Collaboration

Oliver Trevena Talks Dogpound x Lasso Collaboration

OUR FIRST EVER collaborative sock-line launched on Tuesday, May 4th, with DOGPOUND, the authority in luxury fitness, and we couldn’t be more excited! Lasso and DOGPOUND share similar ethos, ones that collide in the middle of health and ambition; movement and quality; technology and edge. Whether it’s a specific product or an untamed atmosphere of aspiration, we’re proud to be on the same team, fighting a similar fight, making things happen on a daily basis. That’s why a collaboration like this makes sense. And with the right people steering the ship, this is one scenic ride you’d be absolutely crazy to miss out on!

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Oliver Trevena played a big role in this collaboration. He is a friend, advisor and investor in Lasso and DOGPOUND, but most importantly, he’s family. His involvement with both brands came as naturally as the collaboration itself, so it only made sense to reach out and talk to him about this creative partnership in celebration of the launch!

Oliver trains at DOGPOUND’s West Hollywood location as often as possible, but was initially introduced to the NYC location through a mutual friend. “People just kept kind of going on about this place, this DOGPOUND,” Oliver tells us. “I was in New York hosting the pre-show for the Grammys about three years ago—I traveled back and forth there a lot for work—and I wanted to train. So my friend introduced me and I got to the gym and did a session with Kirk [Myers, DOGPOUND CEO and Founder], and then the morning after the Grammys, Vanessa Hudgens and I went in together and did a session, which was extremely tough because I was so tired but it was so much fun. I was just like, This place is awesome.” 


"That's why I became such a fan of Lasso—I've never known something that can change your well-being so quickly and so easily.”



Oliver’s introduction to DOGPOUND in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood sparked a flame inside of him. He saw and felt the potential vibrating off the walls and felt the energy flowing through the place. “I noticed there was a real opportunity there,” says Oliver. “And then Kirk and I kind of sat down a few times together, had a couple of dinners and just started brainstorming about wanting to bring it to LA as well. We had similar visions so I got involved as an investor and now I sort of oversee a lot of the partnerships for the company.”

Fast forward a bit, and Oliver found himself hearing about this new sock company as well. Admittedly, he tells us he wasn’t sure how to feel about the enticement of a sock, but Lasso performance socks are not any ordinary socks, and his skepticism quickly changed. He tells us, “I heard about Lasso through a friend of mine. He told me about the socks and was pretty much like, You need to try them! And in all honesty, you know, being pitched a sock didn't really get me that excited. It's something you very rarely hear in your everyday life, like, Mate—you've got to check out this sock company!” Oliver laughs, adding to the notion, “So I met Partha [Unnava, Lasso CEO] and we sat down together, had a chat and he gave me some socks to try and I was honestly mind blown. That's why I became such a fan of Lasso—I've never known something that can change your well-being so quickly and so easily.” From that point on, Oliver was more than a believer—he was a lifer. He tacks on, “There was something about them that just gave me that extra bit of support, which at the same time gave me that extra bit of confidence. And that was it. I was like, This is something I want to get behind. I love Partha and Lasso. And I think the journey ahead is going to be a huge one.” 

The collaboration itself happened organically, Oliver explains. “Obviously it's kind of organic because of my involvement with both sides,” he says. “But we've never really done a collaboration with a high end sock company, so when I came across Lasso, it was already on my mind. And as soon as some of the DOGPOUND team tried them, they were all equally impressed with the quality and functionality of Lasso socks.” 



From this organic connection came the simple realization of how much the two brands truly complement one another, from both a brand and community perspective, among many other things. “I think the brands complement each other because obviously, they're both active, they both promote health and movement,” Oliver explains. “Obviously Lasso’s tagline is Stay Moving and at DOGPOUND everyone is always screaming, Let’s gooo! You know? It’s a very, Keep moving forward mentality. It's a very positive message, both physically and mentally.” 

Both future and existing members of DOGPOUND will have the socks available at both locations, and Oliver is excited to have the socks accessible to the daily gym-goers and trainers who frequently workout at DOGPOUND but maybe haven’t tried Lasso performance socks yet. “I think Lasso will make people feel stronger and make people move better—it's that simple,” Oliver states. “And that's why the DOGPOUND team is excited about this, because, no one is going to buy the socks and then turn around and say, I want to return these, you know? They do exactly what they're meant to do, so there's no miss there—Lasso performance socks will give you that extra support and strength that you need, especially when you're working out.”


“There was something about Lasso that just gave me that extra bit of support, which at the same time gave me that extra bit of confidence. And that was it. I was like, 'This is something I want to get behind.'"


DOGPOUND’s founder and CEO, Kirk Myers is a spiritual person and Oliver tells us the main philosophy being embraced around the gym is, “As you think, you shall become.” Here at Lasso, we embrace a similar philosophy. Oliver emphasizes on this, adding, “If your body feels good, it's a lot easier to feel good mentally. You have to take care of every part of it—mental health and physical health—and I think this collaboration really plays a part into that idea,” he tells us. “The whole feeling better factor gives you that extra confidence when you are working out. That extra bit of strength.” And the modern technology in Lasso performance socks assist with exactly that—the desire to feel better and move confidently with added strength. At the end of the day, that’s why we’re all here. That’s what motivates us and moves us forward. We strive for betterment; betterment for ourselves and every person out there. If you’re moving, you deserve to move with confidence and to feel the best you’ve ever felt. That’s where we step in. “I think this collaboration is exciting,” Oliver confidently concludes. “Because I know that the same way Lasso socks have helped me—they’re going to help other people, too.”