PPA Championship Las Vegas Recap

PPA Championship Las Vegas Recap

The world’s best pickleball players made their way to the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week for the PPA Championship and what a great weekend it was. The fastest growing sport continues to attract the attention of amazing athletes and competitors alike and the energy on and off the court was a sight to see. The cherry on top was seeing all the Lasso performance socks on the feet of competing athletes and enthusiasts alike! 



We’re always impressed with how well the PPA puts on these events. As each one grows, so does the responsibility. All the matches, courts, competitors, media—it’s a lot to handle and they powered through each day like the professionals they are. With an incredible venue and players chomping at the bit for their spot to the top, this was no Sunday warm-up. This was pickleball at its prime.  



Although we were there primarily cheering on our Lasso partners and athletes, the talent on the courts was undeniable as we all witnessed some incredible moments throughout the competition from a range of incredible pickleball athletes. The matches were fast and aggressive, impressive and exciting and really set the tone for where this sport is going. 



As always, Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters were the best-dressed duo in the entire arena and were a force to be reckoned with, both as a team and individuals. It was just as enjoyable watching them play as it was to catch up with them between matches. There’s just something about these two; their chemistry, their cheerful attitudes, their professionalism. They’re pickleball royalty and continue to leave us shocked and in awe of their talent after every match they play. At just fourteen-years-old, Anna Leigh Waters is giving everyone she plays a run for their money and the same can be said for her mother, Leigh. But seeing them play together as a team is something special. Something that can’t quite be described. (It's the sockkkkssss!!!)

One thing is for certain—pickleball is thriving and we’re here for it. 



Seeing Jay Devilliers—aka The Flying Frenchmen—was also a pleasure. From his whishhhhh serves and between-the-leg bangers, to his style and power on the court, this pickleball phenom has been on a roll as of late and refuses to slow down. There are no stop signs in his path. He took gold in mixed doubles on Championship Sunday with his partner, Jessie Irvine and gave his competitors a run for their money in every singles match he played. And we have to shout out Riley Newman as well, who is an incredible player in his own right and stopped by our tent a few times letting curious onlookers know that once they choose Lasso, there is no turning back! 



Speaking of the Lasso tent, traffic was non-stop. We had a great view overlooking championship court and up top we spoke with hundreds of curious pickleball enthusiasts every single day about the benefits of Lasso performance socks—whether they were suffering from common foot issues like plantar fasciitis and sore feet, or some who were simply going too hard during their matches and needed some real recovery. By Sunday, we lost count of how many people were walking around wearing Lasso. Enthusiastic first-timers came to us in joy, explaining how great the socks felt and how quickly they felt the benefits. There was no shortage of Lasso vets either, who happily told us they were on their fourth or fifth pair, eager to get more. With smiles, we thanked them all, knowing that the Lasso family was growing and growing right before our eyes. We're making the entire world move better one step at a time and we genuinely appreciate every person who stopped by and took the time to chat with us. 



From setting up Wednesday to closing down on Sunday, we enjoyed every minute of it all. Our mission to keep the world moving with confidence, moving better and feeling the best they've ever felt continues. It will never stop. And we couldn’t do it without you. 

We left our mark in Vegas.

The best part? This is just the beginning.

Huge thank you to the PPA for having us and major shout out to all the athletes, staff, fans, enthusiasts and everyone who stopped by our tent to learn more about Lasso.

Whether you like it or not, we'll see you all at the next one! ;)  


Stay Moving!