Lasso Gives

Give Back

Lasso believes in giving back and helping others #StayMoving. “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”

Partners We Believe In

We don't just work with Big Charity. We hand select partners who share our ethos from the top down; ones who inspire others to Stay Moving just like us.


We've partnered with ShoppingGives to meet these social goals by allowing us to focus on the good that our partners are doing, rather than how to do good.

Lasso + Girls on the Run®

Lasso has teamed up with Girls on the Run®, a national non-profit organization, designed to provide programming that strengthens third to eighth grade girls’ social, emotional, physical and behavioral skills to successfully navigate life experiences. Especially during these turbulent times, young girls are at the forefront of societal pressures and stereotypes that often result in negative consequences for their physical and emotional health. Lasso is donating 1% of our sales to help Girls on the Run® to help more girls activate their limitless potential and boldly. pursue their dreams.

Giving Back to the National Pulse Memorial & Museum (Rocco's x Lasso)

5% of all Rocco's X Lasso Socks sales (along with 1% of all other sales) for the 3rd Quarter of 2021 went directly to support the National Pulse Memorial & Museum. The National Pulse Memorial & Museum's mission is to create and support a memorial that opens hearts, a museum that opens minds, educational programs that open eyes and legacy scholarships that open doors. Its vision is to establish a sanctuary of healing and a beacon of hope by memorializing the lives taken, the lives saved, and all the lives affected by the Pulse nightclub tragedy of June 12, 2016 – ensuring Pulse’s legacy of love lives on forever. For more information, visit

Move With Compassion Campaign

When COVID-19 started to become a real issue in early March of 2020, we knew we had to do something to help. We chose to donate back to our first responders during this crisis because these first responders were the first customers who supported us. Without the nurses, lab techs, and physicians who gave us testimonials and purchased our performance compression socks, Lasso wouldn't exist today. Knowing these people were having a tough time fighting the high volume of COVID-19 cases, we knew our Lasso Socks could help give them the secret weapon to make it through the crazy hours, day after day.
We can say with confidence that this campaign showed us that even though we couldn't cure the virus, what we could do made more impact than we could have ever imagined. It showed us that to be human is to give and to love.Through your help, we were able to donate Lasso Socks to over 200 hospitals across the United States.